New Ways of Solving Problems

Semantic Technologies offer extraordinary new capabilities for both users and developers. The structuring of unstructured data, new methods for data integration and interfaces, and the ability to deeply mine and identify relationships between data elements that was previously impossible, are but a few of the new and exciting capabilities that can be brought to bare in solving problems and leveraging opportunities. It is the mission of Recognos Financial to bring these new capabilities to the financial services industry both as a data vendor and a provider of data centric applications that combine external or market data with data internal to an organization.

New Data Capabilities

Recognos Financial has developed a semantic method for structuring unstructured data within the financial services sector. As an EDGAR distributor, all the text documents within the EDGAR database are now accessible to firms not simply as text documents but as customized data feeds of both extracted data elements and the supporting documents. The Recognos Financial method can also be applied to any text documents within an organization. Typical examples include all documents related to Alternative Investments, Loan Agreements, Loan Applications, Letters of Credit, Contracts, and many more. Recent studies have indicated that up to 75% of all data within an organization is unstructured. Recognos Financial can “open up” this data so that it can be used by staff, databases, and applications. Unlock your data and discover a world of opportunity.

Mutual Fund Information Portal

The Mutual Fund Information Portal (MFIP) is an industry utility that delivers mutual fund disclosure documents and data to industry participants and their clients. A joint venture of Delta Data Software and Recognos Financial, the MFIP is designed to facilitate compliance with the new SEC Summary Prospectus Rule.

Alternative Investments Processing

AI refers to Hedge Funds, Fund of Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds, Variable Rate Annuities, Derivatives, REITS, Credit Default Swaps and several other investment types that lack structure and regulation in terms of their reporting and information dissemination. Recognos Financial has developed an application that handles the extraction process and allows valuable resources to focus on more important tasks. Products &.Services

Counter Party Risk & Exposure

A result of the recent turmoil in the securities markets, the need for determining risk and exposure has become an industry wide initiative deemed critical by firms, regulatory authorities and clients. CPR&E is a fast and efficient enterprise solution for determining risk and exposure. Handling all three components necessary to identify risk and exposure at both the client and firm levels, CPR&E is a joint offering of Recognos Financial, Metatomix, and various data vendors.