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Reference Data Center (RDC)

The Reference Data Center for Mutual Funds (RDC) is an industry utility designed to provide participants and their clients with ALL the Mutual Fund information necessary to support their business from start to finish.

The RDC is a repository of official mutual fund documents that includes summary prospectus, statutory prospectus, Statement of Additional Information, Risk/Return Summary, shareholder reports and other disclosure documents that both Fund Families and Intermediaries can use.

The RDC is not just a simple repository of relevant mutual fund documents. By transforming the unstructured text into meaningful data, the RDC enables interactive access to all the documents and key data elements. This provides a reliable and cost-effective source of critical mutual fund information. …more

The Recognos Data Extraction Platform

Data Extraction Platform – Combination of extraction methods

  • Regular expressions
  • NLP 4GL Script based extraction – for example for Boolean values – for derived fields; Example: Can I invest in this Mutual Fund my SEP IRA?
  • Semantic “synonyms” meta data tree is used to solve the synonyms problems
  • Humans are solving the discrepancies