Mutual Fund Information Portal (MFIP)

The Mutual Fund Information Portal (MFIP) is an industry utility that delivers mutual fund disclosure documents and data to industry participants and their clients. A joint venture of Delta Data Software and Recognos Financial, the MFIP is designed to facilitate compliance with the new SEC Summary Prospectus Rule.

The MFIP is a repository of mutual fund disclosure documents, including summary prospectuses, statutory prospectuses, SAIs and shareholder reports that can be used by both Fund Managers and Distributors in flexible and innovative ways to satisfy their specific internal informational needs as well as their compliance obligations around disclosure document delivery.

MFIP also serves as a reliable and cost-effective source for critical mutual fund information. It lifts data directly from SEC-filings, ensuring that the integrity of the source data is maintained and easily verifiable. MFIP requires no data entry, no data cleansing and provides industry consistency by showing all parties the same source data. The mutual fund industry currently incurs direct costs in excess of $300 million per year for data subscriptions and to print and mail prospectuses and other documents.The goal of the MFIP is to reduce these direct expenses by 50% within the first two years, and up to 60% to 70% in year three.

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