About Us

Recognos Financial was founded in 2008 by the original partners in Xcitek Inc., a well known market data vendor (acquired by IDC in 2007) and Recognos Inc., a Silicon Valley based systems development firm. Headquartered in New York, its goal is to bring together semantic technologies with financial data to provide:

  • More useful data
  • Greater Insight
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Lower Cost

Through the employment of semantic technologies, Recognos Financial has developed the ability to create structured data from unstructured documents. Unlike other vendors that employ a syntactical method, the Recognos Financial method is semantic. It was required that key data elements be extracted from text documents and made usable by both computers and humans without the need for keying data, thereby maintaining the integrity of the source data. The key difference between syntactical and semantic is that syntactical methods search for key words. The semantic approach searches for concepts and key data elements within those concepts. It understands both meaning and concept. The end result is the ability to structure and format any text document. Recognos Financial has applied this methodology to many types of documents. Any form or document within the SEC’s EDGAR database is a candidate as is any text document from any source.

As a distributor of EDGAR data, Recognos Financial has access to all documents and forms filed with the SEC. There are over 650 different forms filed with the SEC. Many of these text documents contain important information buried in the text. Recognos Financial can identify and extract these vital data points from any document providing the user with just the information they need without having to read through a lengthy document. Data can be formatted for direct input to user systems or presented in a user defined interface. Custom feeds of specific forms or data types are offered to clients in support of their particular needs.