Management Team

Drew Warren
President and CEO

After spending the early part of his career at Bankers Trust, Merrill Lynch, and HSBC, Drew was one of the founders of Effective Solutions, Inc. ESI was best known for its Corporate Actions Processing System and it’s Securities Universe Management System (SUMS) – a repository of market data serving the financial services community. Drew was responsible for managing the front-end of the business including sales, marketing, and product/project management. ESI was acquired by SmartStream in 2004. Drew successfully managed the joint SUMS development effort between ESI, Barclays Global Investors, and The Northern Trust Company. With over 25 years experience in the various sectors of the financial services industry, Drew has a comprehensive knowledge of the industry as well technology – its application, and perhaps most importantly, its potential applications.

Joe Carvalhido
Executive Vice President
Market Data

Joe began his career with Compustat back when data was assembled manually and keypunched. He is on a first name basis with the head of virtually every data firm in the business. Joe is one of the founders of Xcitek Inc. Xcitek, created in 1986, grew to become a diverse group of firms providing market data, consulting services, and software to the financial services industry. In 2007 Xcitek Market Data was acquired by IDC. While Xcitek Market Data was best known for their Corporate Actions Data product, Joe successfully negotiated reseller agreements with 11 other vendors covering a broad spectrum of market data types, and these included S&P, IDC, DTCC, and EDI. His ability, knowledge, experience, and relationships with other data vendors, are key to our success. Just as he and his Xcitek partners identified a market need for fixed record corporate actions data, Joe has identified a market need for multiple new data products that leverage semantic technologies and provide data directly from the originating source.

Ajuince Arzu
Chief Financial Officer

Ajuince began his career in finance with PriceWaterhouse before moving on to KPMG. He served as the CFO of the Xcitek Group of Companies for the past five years. He successfully managed the Xcitek acquisition from a finance and accounting standpoint, the fourth such effort of his career. Ajuince will be counted on to provide all of the functions of a CFO, particularly the numbers perspective relative to the important decisions of the firm.

Ira Cohen
Executive Vice President
Asset Management Services

Ira brings over thirty three years of industry experience to Recognos, including his work over the past decade as an independent consultant to industry-leading firms such as the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), FINRA and DST. During this time, Cohen worked with leading market participants to help them better navigate and understand complex and evolving data management,  operations, regulatory and compliance issues that continue to impact mutual fund providers. Earlier in his career, Ira served as SVP of INVESCO Fund Services (formerly AIM Investments) where he managed transfer agent operations and services for retail, retirement, institutional and offshore funds.  He has also held senior management positions at Bank of New York and Prudential Mutual Fund Services.